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What we do

At PM Workforce we recruit, hire, train and place only highly qualified and certified performance-ready leasing professionals to serve the provisional or permanent needs of the multifamily industry.


Why PM Workforce?

  • We find and invest in people who want to invest in themselves
  • Our people are motivated and have what we call fire in the belly!
  • We train our people using the Grace Hill curriculum.

Experience the difference

Get access to our consistently excellent multifamily leasing professionals through our on-demand staffing platform, available on the App Store and Google Play!

Benefits of Working With Us


Always Get Top Talent

Have peace of mind that you are only getting the best of the best leasing professionals who are fully trained and certified.


Make the Right Hire

Test drive your new employee in action before making a hiring commitment.


Save Time & Money

Let us incur the initial investment of recruiting, vetting and training qualified talents for you.


Increase Revenue

Increase your traffic, leasing velocity, and resident satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a client?

Becoming a client is simple! Fill out our client request form to become an approved client by clicking below.

How do I book my request for a member?

Booking is easy, simply register to become a client on our website or App. Once you are approved, click on booking, select your dates, request your top three members, and book. Click here now!

Why should I use your service instead of other staffing companies?

There are several reasons why PMW should be your only choice when looking to fill your Leasing Consultant positions. First and foremost, we are revolutionizing the Multifamily Industry by providing you with the technology to find an immediate solution to your leasing talent needs by offering you the convenience of booking 24/7 through our on-line booking App. In addition, our members have all been extensively screened and have all gone through the PMW certification process which include background screening, drug testing, Fair Housing certification, and hands-on leasing internship. We are so confident that you will love our members that we offer a satisfaction guarantee policy to all of our clients.

Booking with us just makes sense/cents!

Are your members familiar with fair housing?

All of our members are trained and go through an extensive certification process. During this certification process and prior to our members working at a property they must first pass a Fair Housing course with a score of 85% or better. All Fair Housing courses are given through Grace Hill. Upon request, each member can provide their Fair Housing Certificate to show proof of completion.

How soon do I receive confirmation that you have a matching member for my needs?

Upon requesting a booking, you will receive notification within 60 minutes that we have found a member that matches your needs and the details of your booking.

I've had unsatisfactory experience with untrained temporary staff in the past.

Our members go through an extensive screening and training process to become Certified Members. As such, each member has completed in-classroom training, on-line training, as well as on-site internship programs to become Certified Leasing Professionals. Therefore, we guarantee that you will love our members. If for whatever reason you are not happy with a Leasing Professional we have provided, please notify us within the 1st hour and we will credit you back that hour of service and/or send you a new member.

What type of payment do you accept?

PMW accepts ACH, PayPal, and all major credit cards as forms of payment for your convenience.

Do your members go through background and drug screening?

As part of our member screening process all of our members are required to go through a background and drug screening process prior to employment.

If I am interested to direct-hire the member you assigned to me, what is the process?

Should you wish to direct-hire one of our members please send an email to or contact us directly at (832) 699-2378 to discuss specific buyout options.

Can you accomodate short-notice booking requests?

We can accommodate short-notice bookings upon request. There is a short-notice booking fee for same day request for a member. All bookings including short-notice must be completed on-line.

What is the PMW difference?

PMW only recruits top qualified talents, trains, and places certified members with clients in the multifamily industry to fill their leasing talent needs. We provide provisional or permanent leasing consultants trained in Conventional property leasing, as well as advanced certified members trained in Tax-Credit and/or Senior Living communities. In addition, we can help with specialized projects such Acquisition and Disposition coverage, as well as New Developments with lease up needs from start to finish.

How do I get started to become a member?

Becoming a member is simple. Click here to apply.

What if I do not have leasing experience, can I still apply to become a member?

Yes, absolutely! You can apply to become a member even if you do not have leasing experience.  In fact, we seek out and identify  member candidates with various soft skills such as a positive attitude, communication skills, and various personality traits that will attribute to their success in conjunction with our training program to help our member candidates transform into successful Leasing Professionals.  

Do I receive any training?

Yes, our member candidates go through a proprietary training program that is specifically developed by PMW. You will be required to participate in our training program before you can become a certified member. The training/certification process consists of classroom training, on-line course certifications, an internship program, a paid training program, along with enhanced advanced training to help you become successful in the Multifamily Industry.

Am I paid during my training?

Our member candidates go through a certification process. Part of this process consists of both unpaid and paid internships. The unpaid internship typically consists of 3-days but can very per member candidate depending on how quick and successful they are during the training process. Our leaders are always available for guidance and will coach you step-by-step to rapidly start learning, earning, and successfully reaching your future career goals.

What is a certified member and how do I become one?

A Certified member is a candidate that has successfully completed all steps of our training program.

How do I obtain job assignments?

In order to obtain job assignments, you must update your availability calendar, your approved geographical work area, and your member bio/audio clip on your member portal. Our clients will find you based on your availability matching up to their scheduled needs, your geographical area, and matching their needs to the skills you have listed on your member bio/audio clip.

How do I submit my HR documents to PMW?

To submit your HR documents to PMW you can upload and submit your documents on your member app. Click here to download.

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